Living authentically “Down to My Bones”

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Speaking and living one’s truth. This is something I think about a lot, try to practice faithfully, and love to discuss with others nearly every day. Speaking and living truth is my elemental life value.

As a result, I’m always impressed when I see someone daring to live authentically, and I’ll be profiling them here from time to time. Derek Turner embraces this fearless lifestyle (see my January 1, 2008 post) and so does Jenny Leigh Antill.

Jenny is a lovely singer and composer whose first CD, “Down to My Bones,” will be released September 6. In this haunting compilation of songs Jenny explores the depths of human love and loss, the hope we can share, and strips bare her own soul in the process. Her willingness to be honest about her own journey is a powerful invitation for us to do the same. You can listen to a few sample tracks here.

If you like what you hear, let Jenny know . . . and forward her website to your friends.

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Take the first step toward your dream

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Whew! The holiday season — as lovely as it was in many ways — really zapped my blogging time! Hello again . . . and thank you for embracing with me this journey toward authentic life.

Many of us have seen and heard the phrases, “Pursue your dream” and “Follow your bliss” throughout our lives. They’ve been plastered on the sides of buses, stenciled on coffee mugs, included in the titles of best-selling books, and amplified from TV commercials. But how many people do you know who are actually living their dreams?

Derek Turner is one man who’s doing this very thing.

A tall, red-haired lover of world cultures and photography who wants to change the world, Derek graduated from college several years ago and since then has worked and traveled extensively. Toward mid-2007, when he was about 30, Derek began thinking about getting a “real” job with a salary and benefits. You know — Stability. But also he dreamed of more adventuring, this time around the globe in a sailboat even though he knew nothing about sailing.

In an effort to make the wisest choice between stability and passion, Derek asked a number of friends for their input on his decision. All of them encouraged him to pursue his sailing dream. I bet a few of them were pea-green with envy over his freedom to entertain such a vision.

Today Derek is a deck hand on the Nicole Marie, a 33-foot sailboat owned and captained by his friend, Dan Patterson. These two voyagers are currently making their way toward the southern tip of South America, stopping intermittently at ports along the way and spending time with local residents. You can track their progress on Derek’s blog, The World by Sea.


Now here’s where Derek’s passion to change the world becomes evident. He’s formed a non-profit entity, Lampstand, which exists to collect financial contributions so that he and Dan can buy food, clothes, medical care, and other resources for the impoverished people they meet during their port visits.

Dreams and life callings come in all shapes and sizes; they can last for a few months or ’til the day you die. The point is, no dream is too “crazy” or “impractical” to pursue. Dreams are not just for other people, like Derek, to turn into reality. They’re for you too, regardless of how many reponsibilities you may have.

Think about doing just one thing today or this week that will give you a little more room for an old dream to re-emerge or a new vision to be born. To get the creative juices flowing, kick around some ideas with a friend, do some reading or research on a particular topic, try a free workshop.

Go ahead. Take the first, simple step toward your dream.

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