About Authentic Life Consulting

What is the Authentic Life process?

Each of us has a unique destiny, a calling no one else on the planet can fulfill. Before we can understand and live out the purpose for which we’re designed, we must learn to trust ourselves, as well as key others, and accept the value of who we are. While books, personal retreats, seminars, and workshops can be helpful, the essential factor in learning trust is practicing it in relationship with others. We cannot do it alone.

Few of us are taught in an intentional way to trust and value our authentic selves. Because many of us have been emotionally hurt and/or have hurt others, we often learn fearful responses to life that cause us to hide all but the most surface aspects of who we are. Over the years we may develop countless ways to protect ourselves and avoid judgment while still seeking acceptance and love. Often these methods of gaining approval are based on what we do and how well we perform, not on who we are.

Through the Authentic Life process, Authentic Life Consulting gives you a practical way to discover, trust, and express your authentic self. It’s designed for use by individuals, couples (unmarried or married), and small groups in collaboration with me, Ellen Antill, director of Authentic Life Consulting.

As a participant in the Authentic Life process, you’ll have the focused opportunity to collaborate with me in your transformational journey of discerning and trusting your authentic self. Rooted in basic relational principles — such as vulnerability, affirmation, humility, and self-acceptance – the Authentic Life process approaches these elements from a fresh perspective, offering you an emotionally safe environment where you can practice them and grow confident in their application.

The foundational purpose of the Authentic Life process is to support you in becoming all you’re created to be and make it possible for you to enjoy richer, more genuine relationships for the rest of your life.

Contact Ellen direct at 602-565-5151 or email: ellen@authenticlifeconsulting.com



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