How about a gift for yourself? The Authentic Life group process

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women-talking_000001746946large.jpgThe gift-giving season is upon us (unless you’ve chosen to go the “Buy Nothing Christmas” route), and right about now many of us are getting down to serious shopping. While you’re at it, how about a gift for yourself, too? Something you may have been putting off for way too long — taking time to discover, trust, and express all that you’re created to be.

Here’s an extraordinary opportunity for you to transform your life and your relationships: join one of my Authentic Life groups beginning the week of January 14. Afternoon or evening times available. The same developmental process I offer on an individual basis but at a lesser cost, with the added experience of enlarging your community. Groups limited to no more than 4 individuals.

Set the intention today that your new year will be one of rich growth and radiant freedom. This is your transcendent time.

Email ( or call me (602.565.5151) for more details about the Authentic Life group process. You may want to participate yourself, you may have friends you’d like to invite, or you may want to give the group experience to someone you love. Let’s talk soon!


Get your ya-ya’s out – it’s play time!

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little-wolf.png“Little Wolf” is the name of the magical house and wild mountain acreage owned by my cousin Susan, her husband, and members of his family. Isolated amid conifers and madrone high above the Klamath River in northern California, Little Wolf is a sanctuary for those seeking simplicity. I returned to Phoenix late last week after spending 5 days at Little Wolf . . . and by now I’ve almost made the shift from spontaneous wilderness time to my more structured urban agenda.

This is the third fall season I’ve visited Susan at Little Wolf. Susan’s sister, Lindy, also flew out this year from Santa Fe, New Mexico. The three of us share similar life passions and spiritual awareness, and during our get-away time we talked about everything under the sun, from our children, to creative destiny, to sex. We also hiked in the woods, read, sang, slept in late, baked a pumpkin pie, prayed, worked with clay, drank wine, and swapped stories by the fire. We giggled like school girls and laughed — a lot! Laughed so hard our stomachs ached. In short, we played together.

easusan.pngOn our last morning we reflected on what our most meaningful take-aways would be from this year’s Little Wolf experience. Lindy began with, “Peace, fulfillment, rest.” Susan added, “A more open approach to community.” I said, “A reminder to create time for active play.”

For me, active play means more than relaxing or taking part in sports activities. It’s about seeking interests we choose to practice or discover for the pure, exhilarating, participatory fun of it. There’s an element of learning in it and also a willingness to release anxiety about a particular pursuit being embarrassing, weird, or overly difficult.

easusanlindy.pngEmbracing active play starts with identifying elements that, perhaps, we’ve always thought sounded appealing but (for a hundred different reasons) have never given a try. What do you think might energize you or get you laughing so uproariously that the tears stream down your face? Here are some of the active play ideas I’m considering for myself as well as for my husband and myself:

* Classes in gourmet cooking, home decorating, desert landscaping, pottery-making, jewelry-making, western swing dancing (this last one makes me nervous but at the same time, I can see it being really fun)

* Hiking or rafting trips in all the U.S. national parks, shorter local hiking trips

* Bed-and-breakfast hopping

* Singing in a folk or bluegrass group

What are some of the things you already do or that you’d like to do for “active play,” to get your ya-ya’s out?

Forgot who you are? Try the pocket mantra

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superboy_000003138127large.jpgHow many times have you walked into a room-full of people and felt intimidated and anxious, like you’re a total misfit? If you’re anything like me (especially if you tend toward introversion), you’ve probably been in this miserable situation hundreds of times. Often, we can feel tempted to avoid scenarios like this altogether or adopt a false identity just to survive the extreme discomfort. (Do you relate to the term “social chameleon?”) Either way, we and everyone in the situation with us, loses the opportunity to build authentic relationship.

Here’s the essential truth to remember — no matter what situation you’re in or who you’re with — you’re still you. And no matter where you are on your personal growth continuum, that’s an amazing person to be. No one can take away your strengths and distinctiveness, unless you choose to give them away or hide them.

Here’s an effective way to remind yourself of who you are, especially when you find yourself in challenging circumstances. I call it the pocket mantra, inspired by the Hindu and Buddhist belief that ideas become actualized through the power of speech.

1. Consider your unique strengths. What adjectives capture the heart and soul of who you are or who you want to become? Identify your three most powerful descriptors.

2. Create a card small enough to fit into your pocket or anywhere else you want to put it where you can read it often, i.e., your computer monitor, your car dashboard, your bathroom mirror. Small post-it notes work well.

3. Write on your card (or cards), “I am _____, _____, and _____,” completing the sentence with your unique descriptors.

4. Repeat your pocket mantra aloud several times a day, particularly before you know you’re going to be in a difficult situation or conversation.

These days my pocket mantra is, “I am confident, courageous, and wise.” What’s your’s?

Your life is worth living authentically

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Your life is worth living authentically today.

Not next month or after the first of the year or after your next birthday. Now is your time.

This Wednesday night, November 7, during my Intro to the Authentic Life process, you’ll have a chance to learn more about how you can discover, trust, and express all you’re created to be. Not only will this evening inform you about the benefits and distinctives of the Authentic Life process, but you’ll also get to practice using an experiential tool that illustrates one of the key Authentic Life principles.

Workshop details are included below. For those of you who live in Phoenix, you can also read about it in this morning’s Arizona Republic on the front page of the Arizona Living section (see left-hand column entitled “Make the Most of Your Week.”) Give me a call or send me an email to reserve your seat for Wednesday night’s workshop. Feel free to invite your friends, family members, and colleagues too.



Are you looking for . . .

• greater clarity for major life transitions?
• richer, more honest relationships?
• a clearer sense of your life purpose?
• a personalized process that exceeds a programmatic approach to growth?

If so, join me for an
Introduction to the Authentic Life process,
a chance to learn how you can be all you’re created to be.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007 7:00-8:30pm
Conference Room, Phoenix Public Library, Century branch – 1750 E. Highland, Phoenix
(south side of Colonnade Mall, off the Highland exit, SR-51)

$10 admission per person; feel free to invite friends, family, and colleagues.

For women, men, and couples of all ages.

Facilitated by Ellen Antill, M.A.
Director, Authentic Life Consulting

For more info or to RSVP, call or email Ellen

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